Saturday, October 07, 2006

Changes on the way...

As most of you already know, The Changepot's birthday is October 9th (Monday). We're all very excited here because of several things:

1. Projection- My best friend told me I wouldn't see past one hundred dollars (Bwahahaha!)

2. No deviation- While I've not exactly blogged every single day in some months, the content stayed relatively consistent and not one single penny in this changepot is ours either by intention or mistake.

3. Family bond- All four of us Krabs' folks have come to some pretty solid conclusions about the present and future of the Changepot and its contents. The greatest part of it is that we've done it as a family. The bond is what's most important of all in my humble opinion.

Since we broke $350 last week after finding time to change hunt like we used to earlier this year, our pot is eerily close to $365.00 (which would evenly average out to a dollar found each day). Today we went to a few places which house much coinage:

a) Joggers' Park- pennies seem to pop up from the soil- I am so serious.

b) Lehman College after sports event- we got there right before the cleanup crew started their magic.

c) Dunkin Donuts and two other fast food drive thrus- The important thing is to make sure you block off the employee attempts to "sweep up"- the pennies will disappear in that pan and never return!

Total inventory of today's finds: Quarters=3, Dimes=8, Nickels=2 Pennies= 45

While I'm not sure if we're going out again for a third night of mirth and merriment, I will certainly leave this entry open for updates until midnight :)

Total found today : $2.11
Total Since Blog Inception: $364.06

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