Saturday, October 07, 2006

Night out turns into morning In

As I mentioned last night, hubby and I hotfooted it out of here and over to the lovable Jersey den of distraction - home of the infamous $100.00 find- Atlantic City.

We played slots, walked around, played some more, ate like royalty, then played a bit more 'til the well ran dry. Well, we technically broke even as I made my way toward some new machine who decided to bestow two triple diamonds and a seven on me as I spent my last $20.

We walked around four different casinos looking for prospective changepot coinage. Actual change is hard to get in A.C. since 90% of the machines do not require coins anymore. The coins we found were mostly pennies BUT the ticket slips with less than $1.00 were flowing last night. We found a total of 24 slips and decided to cash them in and bring the coins home for the changepot. For those of you who live near casinos, if you've got willpower you might want to go "slip hunting"... it's quite lucrative!! One last minute trip to the ladies room bestowed three BRAND NEW dollar bills in succession- neatly folded in half and hiding in the purse slot of the stall.

Here is a summary of the number of slips I found at each respective casino:

Bally's Wild Wild West: 4 slips


Caesars Atlantic City: 7 slips


Trump Plaza: 1 slip

(Yes, the don is quite a cheapo even in his casinos!!)


Bally's Park Place: 12 slips


A few odd coins found at the local gas station and quick runs for coffee (we drove home) catapulted the evening's total to a crisp $9.03-

(even though it did take my spending money lol)

Change Inventory:

Dollars: 7
Quarters: 3 (including a new Colorado quarter- looks nice!)
Dimes: 4
Nickels: 13
Pennies: 23

(Note: Make sure you've got your eyes on your personal belongings and loved ones at all times. I was approached by a hustler who attempted to distract me (a certain quote comes to mind: "A fool and his money are soon parted') . Fortunately Mrs. Krabs loves Martial Arts ... )

Total found today : $9.03
Total Since Blog Inception: $361.95


Penny Squisher said...

My dad likes to go to Indian Casinos and I go with him a lot. Since my attention span for gambling is much shorter than his, I have developed the habit of walking around and looking for credits left on machines which I then cash out. I never add it to my change total though. Maybe I should. The last time we went to a casino I think I found about 75 cents.

nhcardhunter said...

That's a cool way to cash in at somebody else's expense. Hooray for the changepot!



AndyfromSimi said...

Wow! you've created a whole new genre of money hunting... I will keep this in mind when I get a chance to go to Las Vegas. Thanks.
Love your blog!
Andy from Simi Valley, CA