Monday, October 02, 2006

El Rey de los malvaviscos

It is only now that I realize that I forgot to document a find yesterday. It wasn't coinage but it's noteable nonetheless. Hubby and I found a knife not too far from the building where I graduated from last June. We were on our way to turn it in to security when Kitty C decided to have a little friendly accident (potty training.. fun).

I've scheduled some important engagements this week so I'll either have good or bad news on Monday. Some changepot related good news- Sandy and I both found one dime each today. My found dime looked just like a penny. The only reason I knew it wasn't was because of the size and ridges. Sandy's dime was found in her cafeteria. Hubbyjust walked in with a gallon of milk and two pennies- courtesy of Stop n Shop.

Title Translation: The Marshmallow King.

My children love malvaviscos. I detest them. I remember reading that marshmallows actually came from reconstituted pig fat. My kids love 'em. Mom brought over a giant vat of Asian marshmallow treats with assorted jams inside them. Eewww. The container looks so cute though. I think i'll use it to store some items around here (I'm a jar fanatic). Take a peek:

Side note: My trainer has fallen ill with some obscure flu and has dropped off the planet for two whole days. Can you say "fired"?? Boy am I glad I haven't paid up front like I originally intended lol.

Total found today : $0.22
Total Since Blog Inception: $349.79

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