Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Broke $350.00 today.

Before I get started on this entry, I just wanted to thank all the kind men and women that have discarded their money on a whim. We have officially broken $350 in less than one year. Merci. Thank you. Grazie. Gracias.

October means many changes here in the Krabs' home. Hubby's fiscal year starts this month. I start my aggressive PT training this month (the trainer emerged this morning from his cave in Massapequa). Sandy pledges her GS duties this month.
We're all pretty busy but there's always time for idle blog chatter :)

Blog Happens

A friend of mine sent me these links to other bloggers that do what we change/lost goods finders do. I think you'll get a kick out of them:

Parking Lot Pennies - The birth of "Parking Lot Pennies"- here is the archived section for just found money since the blog is rather politically toned.

I dig through the garbage! - You never know what those pesky kids are going to find :)

Found on the Ground - Who knew bending to pick up stuff would be this exciting? :)

On the found money front, Hubby seized the day with a dollar and thirteen cents in hand. The dollar flew by in the grass right next to his job. A dime and three pennies waited for him in two parking lots as he went from one post to another doin' his thang. The other three change hunters found no coinage but we did share in some good laughs and fine chinese dining as only Fortune Hawaii can provide.

Total found today : $1.13
Total Since Blog Inception: $350.92


Penny Squisher said...

Those are some cool links. It reminds me of a story I read in the news a few weeks ago. There is an older man (in his 80's) who routinely checks scratch tickets that other people throw away. He found a 1 million dollar scratch ticket. The man who threw it away sued him saying it was an accident that he threw it away. The lottery's stance was that lottery tickets are bearer instruments so the man who turned the ticket in would get the money. The man who threw the ticket away died before the case was settled but his estate refiled the suit. The man who found the ticket finally settled and gave the estate some money (I think something like $100,000) just to get them off his back so he could get the money before he died too. I've been considering picking up lottery tickets and bringing them home to check since I read that article. Might be another category for my blog.

P.S. -- congratulations on reaching the $350 mark.

AndyfromSimi said...

Congrats to you! From all of us here at the Found money Jar!
Andy From Simi Valley, CA

nhcardhunter said...

Yes, great links indeed. It makes for good reading and good humor. A big congrats on breaking the 350 barrier!