Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweeeeen Indeed!!!

Ahhh halloween... the world is swept up by auburn, orange, and gold. It's very Frost-esque around here- lots of pumpkins, leaves, and happy kids with overflowing goodie buckets. We took the kiddies to a few places which yielded some surprising results.

We didn't expect to find much change considering the evening all about the children.. haha! The found change front has good and bad news to report.

Bad News:
Kitty found about forty cents this morning (three dimes, two nickels) but some of the coins disappeared since the changepurse clip wasn't secure enough. We did make up for the change by finding a dime and eight pennies... now for the good news:

Good News:
I found a twenty dollar bill! It was funny because there must have been dozens of people who passed over this cash and didn't bother to pick it up. It is my first CASH twenty dollar find in this quest!! The fact that my three other companions didn't notice it makes me feel kinda special.. woohoo!! The twenty definitely makes up for the three missing dimes which might actually be in the backseat of my car. I'll check tomorrow... right now I've got a date with some tylenol and it's off to bed- early day tomorrow.

Total found today: $20.28
Total so far: $ 97.11

This time last year, I found twelve cents. This year we found $20.28. Yayy.

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