Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Coach is here!

I was feeling kinda bummed today for no apparent reason until late this afternoon when UPS rang my doorbell. It has arrived!!! My first free gift courtesy of Citibank Rewards:

This versatile accessory functions equally well as a roomy wallet or as an all-in-one case for your credit and business cards, cash and iPod® Nano.
Outside credit/business card pocket
Zip-top closure
1 1/4" attached split keyring
Signature jacquard fabric with leather trim
Fabric lining
4 (L) x 4 1/2 (H)

It's my very first Coach item! I've bought Coach bags for my mom in the past but I've never purchased one for myself. In all honesty, I don't think I'd spend $38.00 on this item... I kinda prefer mine FREE, know what I mean? I also ordered christmas gifts for hubby's bosses so I can save some cashola to buy presents for the people that count.


While three of the changehunters found no change today, Hubby rescued the totals with three dimes and six pennies- all in one location. He also found the two dimes I knew we dropped in Kitty's booster seat. We're adding the dimes to today's total.

Total found today: $0.56
Total so far: $ 97.67

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