Monday, October 09, 2006

A new Start...

Today makes one entire year. While I've not been entirely faithful to the changepot blog, I have been picking up change and so have my four fellow hunters. There are some new rules which will either bring more money or less "opportunity" depending on how each hunter in my family adapts to them.

Now.. for the Blogging of the day's events:

Today marks the one year anniversary of "The Changepot" and with it comes the need for change (not just figuratively either heheh). The Krab family took a break from the everyday to see the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue. We saw a few familiar faces including the lady on the left (both Left politically and literally...oh man I am going too far with these tonight lol). We spotted Chuck Schumer and a few other political middleweights.

I am going to come right out and say it and my four changehunter companions will back me up on this one. MANHATTAN IS NO PLACE FOR CHANGE. We spent four hours there. We walked many city blocks, entered a few fast food places JUST for kicks and found only THREE PENNIES. It would have been four but this man in a ridiculously expensive business suit bent over to pick up the penny that rolled out of FAO Schwarz and onto the concrete a few yards away. Was he the owner of said penny? NOPE. The owner, a young punky looking kid saw the man bend over to pick up the coin, shrugged his shoulders and continued on doing whatever kids at that age and state of mind do.

Our found money brought us a total of twelve cents- all pennies. As luck would have it, we found a bag full of recyclable cans and decided to cash it at a nearby supermarket. From now on we've decided we'll collect cans on campus and add their total to the changepot. The cans will get a separate entry but the amount will be calculated into the changepot total.

I"ll write more details later or tomorrow (really tired right now lol).

Total found today : $1.92 ($1.80 bottles, $0.12 in change)
Total for 2nd Year: $1.92


AndyfromSimi said...

Great Post! Happy B-day to your blog! Keep up the good work!
Andy from Simi Valley, CA

Brian said...

Happy b-day.

Nothing wrong with a suit picking up a penny, if the punk didn't object. Maybe he realizes the value of a good penny!

nhcardhunter said...

By all means cash in on the returnables. We get 5 cents on everthing except milk (a couple of exceptions to that rule, too) and 15 cents for the hard liquor/wine. Switching gears - the rich stay rich by doing exactly what that guy did, clutching every cent with two hands. Years ago when I was in mover while going to college, the worst tippers were: lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, and other well-to-do individuals. The best ones where those who had nearly nothing, but gave it willingly. Go figure.