Sunday, October 29, 2006


**Quick note: Just finished watching "The Lake House"... Two thumbs up!! The movie was FANFRIGGINTABULOUS! or as Ne' would say, 'allz dat and some cool whup'. Keanu- you have redeemed yourself in my eyes, bud... I can honestly say this man has negated the awful effects of "the Watcher" and that film with billy bob thornton and tom cruise's robotic female wench (forgot her name).

Found today:

Half Dollars- One (0.50)
Quarters- Five (1.25)
Dimes- Twenty Seven (2.70)
Nickels- Twenty One (1.05)
Pennies- Thirty Six (0.36)

I am in too much pain to go into details. Thank you to the Krab family members who ventured out while mommy was KO for the greater part of the day. Perhaps i'll expand on this topic tomorrow when i'm feeling better ::sigh::

Total found today: $5.86
Total so far: $ 76.26

1 comment:

nhcardhunter said...

No doubt about it, you guys are on a roll! Keep those change finds coming.