Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a day!

While I am still in some serious tooth pain, I couldn't pass up an offer of free babysitting!
I apologize in advance if this post seems jumbled lol.

Anywhoo... Hubby and I stepped out to Atlantic City Saturday night- a virtual haven for found change. Details later! Earlier in the day, hubby and Sandy cashed in some coins for Abu and found the following in the rejection slot:

One Mexican Peso
One Canadian Dime
Three Canadian cents
One 100 Korean Won
a plastic dime with the word "COPY" on it

Sandy also found a silver dime in the rejection slot. Apparently coinstar machines don't like silver? Anywhoo, mom chose the amazon card option and is happily perusing the site for Christmas gifts. One smart cookie indeed! Shopping early is a major advantage.

Once hubby returned from the coin cashing, we went grocery shopping. As we walked into the Stop 'n Shop, Hubby noticed a wad of lined paper on the floor. I would have totally missed it.. this man has eagle eyes I swear! He picked it up before the wind did away with it (the gusts are no joke around here lately geez!). Inside he found some redeemed bottle slips worth exactly $21.00 but here's the catch... it was dated today at another store- in another borough!!! Fortunately there was a store here in Staten Island but it wasn't close either- about three miles or so by car. We drove to the store and happily cashed in the receipts. Twenty one dollars... good luck indeed. The lady handed us the first twenty dollar bill in changepot history. YAY!

Atlantic City was a whole nugget find altogether. We found NO slips whatsoever. What we did find was people leaving credits in the machine- especially the nickel and penny machines. As we cashed in the slips, we found a few quarters lingering in the return slot. The booty? $2.34 in change.

Funny event: We headed to our favorite casino first. As hubby sat down to play some "Spanish 21", I walked over to a blazing 7's machine. I inserted some money and played absently- throwing an occasional glance at hubby and his table activity. I didn't notice the three "7's" until the noise interrupted my thoughts. Basically I walked away from the machine with $75 won from a five dollar investment. Hubby walked away with a few hundred in the black. We were happy.

We hit four casinos altogether. They were SO PACKED. It still didn't deter us from finding money. I spotted what looked like a severly beat up five dollar bill tucked under a five times pay machine. From where I was standing it could have been a leaf too lol) Ironically, I watched two people use the machine, get fed up with the results, and walk away- not noticing the money underneath (then again it is hard to see when you're eye level with the machine). I sat down, inserted my card, pried the green from under the machine, took out my card and walked away with a series 2003 changepot five (the first for Changepot 06'). Sorry Lincoln, you shouldn't look so beaten up like that! Not one slip in Caesars, Bally's, Trump, or Sands... geez!

Hubby found a dollar machine with ten credits at the Taj. Apparently the gambling folks don't appreciate the reclusive dollar Jeopardy! machines anymore. It's not that they don't like Jeopardy. The penny slots are the new craze it seems. The rest is history.

Now it's time for Sunday morning pancakes with my happy clan. Hopefully a penny or two will complement today's changepot total? Quien sabe.

Total found today: $38.44
Total so far: $ 70.40

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Anonymous said...

You guys are "lucky duckies." NICE FINDS AND WINNINGS!
Andy from Simi Valley, CA