Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunny Sunday

Today the crew hit the mall for some quick fall Mommy shopping. Quite a profitable change day. One specific find was pretty funny. In order to get to the car from this specific mall, we have to cross through a store that shall remain nameless (their service sucks and the junior employees need some lessons in manners). Anyhow.. hubby is on a work related call. He glances right (towards the cash register) and spots some familiar glint. He deviates right while I make my way toward the back of the store. We met up at the exit. Here's the convo/exhange we had on the way to the car:

(Shaking his head) Baby, there was a quarter and some other change right there but I couldn't get it.

Why hunny?

The damn security guard was eyeballing me hard. I couldn't reach for it.

Wow. It's ok. We've more than made up for that earlier today anyway.

Uhm.. I said, I didn't reach for it. I just took that sh&#. (hands me a few coins and smiles proudly)

(Change inventory today: Three Quarters, Six dimes, One nickel, and Twenty seven pennies.

Total found today : $1.67
Total Since Blog Inception: $349.57

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nhcardhunter said...

Very Funny Mrs. K. - I love the eyeballing security guard! I always try not to make it look too obvious, but, when you're always looking down on the ground, sometimes you attract attention. I just smile and!