Saturday, September 30, 2006

New York Karma.

Today was a long day. While the day is still not over by any means, it feels like an eternity has passed in the last 12 hours. First we started the day with a "marathon" fundraiser walk/run/whatever-you-like-we-got-your-pledge-money activity. No change found there. Then we traipsed over to the bank. No love there either. School gave us a loving 17 cents while we played a quick game of basketball (mental note: Hubby needs to perfect his jump shot lol). After that we headed over to do some window/bargain shopping at a liquidating asian food market. Found eleven cents there. Hubby found $0.69 outside as he waited for me to bring the car to the front.

As we drove back to the house, we realized we were out of salad and major groceries.
We then decided to go do the major food shopping- a detour from our current plan. Before we headed into the supermarket, we decided to have a late lunch at Burger King. Once we were ready to go. I spotted a wallet on the floor. I could tell it was bloated with cards and cash. Hubby picked up the wallet and looked at the license. He'd just seen the wallet owner while he waited for our meal. He spotted the owner's wife (she was on the line with him) and returned the wallet intact. The woman was so shocked that hubby returned the wallet without any cash missing. I felt a little insulted but I guess I'd do the same thing if my wallet was missing. Turns out the husband went over to report the wallet missing and was searching the parking lot frantically as his family ate inside. "It's all about karma", hubby said as we walked out of the restaurant, "Things will get better now, You'll see."

Sure enough, as we pulled up our truck into the sunoco gas station, a dollar was pinned underneath our right back tire. Once hubby was done pumping gas, he noticed some silver in the same general direction. Two quarters and four pennies later, we made our way home happy to have pierced the 347 dollar mark.

(Change inventory today: One Dollar Bill, Two Quarters (one bicentennial 1776-1976), Six dimes, Three nickels, and Fifteen pennies.

Total found today : $2.40
Total Since Blog Inception: $347.90

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