Friday, November 03, 2006

Clean-up time.

2007 is creeping up on the horizon, folks. I'm already mapping out resolutions and assorted junk associated with a new year. One thing I've decided to do a little early is fix my banking relationships both on and offline. I realized just the other day that one account I've had for over a year was only yielding 0.25% EVERY THREE MONTHS!!! Fugedaboudit!

Change hunting yielded $1.63 today- two quarters, ten dimes, two nickels and three pennies. Three of the ten dimes and one of the pennies were found in a penny roll I bought at a local bank ($0.50 in pennies =$0.81 total). I found a liberty nickel (1904) and a beat up buffalo nickel (the date was faded) in another roll I purchased as well. Both coins are worth more than face value but since it wasn't "found change", I am not counting it towards the total. I also found a 1920 penny which much to my surprise was the last unfilled hole in my daughter Sandy's penny folder. Now it's time to work on Kitty's stuff...

Total found today: $1.63
Total so far: $ 99.79

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