Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pre-Marathon Jitters!

Tomorrow is the big NYC Marathon!! The fam and I did some quick October financial housecleaning (redeeming bottles, cleaning up $$$ messes, etc.). This being the second time we've redeemed since the inception of the fiscal year 07' changepot, we redeemed 75 cans/bottles. In addition to this courtesy cash (school, hubby's work, etc.), we also managed to pick up $0.31- (one dime twenty one pennies).

Thanks Bailey for the ING tip. I've been studying the rates rather closely and I am leaning toward this particular bank since there's one not far from where I live. Here's the link for those of you who like to copy and paste directly:

5.25% is quite attractive, methinks.

BTW, I've been playing the new Final Fantasy XII- WOW.. the graphics!! the storyline!! the gameplay system!! the characters!! RPGs have come a long way since that loveable lil' zelda dude in the 80's. Whatever happened to ULTIMA anyhow?

Total found today: $4.06 ($3.75 bottles, $0.31 in change)
Total so far: $ 103.85

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Bailey said...

Funny you mentioned Final Fantasy, as Marti just got into playing that game.

She started with Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. And now is playing Final Fantasy X (Old gift) and really getting into it.

Which is good for her, but bad for me and my time with NCAA Football 2007!