Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day two of Zero Finds

Today was yet another official day that the Krabs family found nothing on the ground- not even a trinket. The Changepot is hungry but the patrons are holding on to the coinage thus far. Hopefully Sunday will provide a hearty meal as the four of us are going "hunting" in various spots.

Side note: Today we saw the film "An American Haunting". After having read some background on the Bell Witch prior to seeing the film, I was quite disappointed. Fortunately Wikipedia's account of the haunting made it all worthwhile.

On this day last year, I was too busy thinking about Butterflies and didn't document found change. This is what I posted.

Accounting error:

While I am not quite sure how it happened, the changepot is short exactly $3.10. I am thinking somehow a little coinage got mixed up in Sandy's bag while she counted the total earlier this week. A little more detective work is in order. I'll post the details as I gather them.

Here is the actual corrected coin and dollar totals that are inside the changepot as of November 18, 2006:

Bills: 21
Total dollar value: $78.00

Twenties: 2
Tens: 1
Twos: 2
Ones: 14

Coins: 468
Total coin value: $35.56

Dollar Coins: 1
Halves: 1
Quarters: 58
Dimes: 144
Nickels: 63
Pennies: 201

1 comment:

Brian said...

I'm always disturbed when the audit comes up short.