Sunday, November 19, 2006


Shoutout to Mike H. for cursing three times during tonight's game... I live for your rants dude! :)

As predicted, the Krabs family raked in a whopping $4.34 in found change. I would personally like to thank all the enthusiastic college students which contributed either willingly or reluctantly- since the majority of the quarters found were all around campus OUTSIDE of the buildings. Love those smokers!

Here is an inventory of what we found on this rather blustery day:

11 quarters
8 dimes
11 nickels
24 pennies

Foreign and other coins:
1 Trinidad coin (25 cents)
1 St. Tropez casino cruise coin
1 Super Laundry coin token
1 Bermuda coin (25 cents)
1 British coin (10 pence)
1 odd silver saint medal (looked like a dime so I picked it up)
1 Charter member PGA tour partners club round thingie (not sure what this is)

We're on our way to recycle some cans and pick up some snacks for our 4 o'clock game. Hubby and I have bonded over football lately.. gooo Seahawks!!!

**Update (1857 hrs)**
Bottle & Can redemption: $5.50
and just one question (about the game)... who the HE&* were you throwing to, Seneca???

Total found: $9.84
Total thus far: $123.40

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Anonymous said...

That's more like it, Barb. I was beginning to think that someone was honing in on your territory. Looks like you and the gang made up for the shortcomings over the last couple of days.