Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dollar Bill Heaven!!

Today was a highly unusual day for change hunting. While Sandy, Kitty, and yours truly found no money whatsoever, Hubby found enough change for all of us for the entire week! I am so shocked! He found a total of three (3) dollar bills, six quarters, four dimes, six pennies, and a canadian coin (which will be added to the foreign change found jar). All three dollars were found in parking lots (three different ones of course). One of the bills has some cryptic writing on it that says "0725 2 st bx 50 cent ticket" in blue ink. A Washington is still a Washington, though. This bill will have to wait a year before going anywhere else! Bill Two was found perfectly folded and hiding in the grass outside a Subway's sandwich shoppe. Bill Three was discovered stuffed inside a coin return slot by a municipal parking meter where Hubby parked briefly to get some work done. I haven't had the full scoop on the other money just yet.. he was quite excited with the dollar finds (I can't blame him).

Side Note: On to happier news: My Sandy brought home a stellar report card today. According to her school principal, if Sandy would have scored an additional five points in Science, my little girl would have been in the honor roll. I don't care if she didn't make the silly honor roll, I think she is special either which way and I wouldn't trade her for anything.... love you Sandy Cheeks!!!!


(here's a face only my Sandy Cheeks could love!)

Total found: $4.96
Total thus far: $116.42

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Anonymous said...

Congrats B.. I mean Sandy. I knew you could do it!

your friend