Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Unusual winter we're having, hmm? (updated)

After reading Jim's Post on Wood over at One Coin at a Time, I started thinking about our recent weather pattern. Since I no longer live in a home with a fireplace, I pretty much have to depend on the heater for now. My parents do have a fireplace but they aren't planning on lighting it because of the potential hazard of setting the place on fire (mom is super cautious). How's the weather elsewhere?

Found Coinage alert: Today's total comes from two places. Hubby found two quarters and a nickel while at work and three pennies were found during our quick Christmas shopping bout at Target. We usually don't start shopping for Christmas this early. I am shopping for one specific family that I've known for years (twenty five, in fact). My very best friend since FIRST GRADE which I'll have the privilege of joining for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Thanks for putting up with me Ro!

Preliminary found change overall update #1:
October started off as quite a great month here in year two of the Changepot. The twenty dollar bill find on Halloween wrapped up an awesome change find streak here. Hubby and I moved the Changepot Savings account over to a higher interest bank (a 4.0% increase in interest). The children are quite into numismatics after attending their first coin show early last month. We bought Kitty a new toy called "Pig E Bank" ($14.99 online, $8.99 at your local Costco by the way) which identifies coins by denomination and squeals "Feed me!" She's asking for chores just so she can earn a few coins to put in there... I love it!!! On the flip side, our daily totals are starting to decrease due to odd weather and lack of traffic at the mall. Hubby says it's because people are gearing up for the holidays. I think it's more like people are into using plastic than carrying actual cash- who knows? Total Money found as of November 13, 2006- $490.96

Total found: $0.58
Total thus far: $112.04

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nhcardhunter said...

Hi Barb, the weather here, other than the constant rain has been pretty good. Temps have been above normal and they're expected to continue right through the weekend. We'll take every warm day we can get.

I see you and yours have been on an impressive streak with the change finding. Having multiple sets of eyes is a real plus!