Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Found NOTHING today.

Found nothing today. I did happen to find my daughter's first christmas ornament in spite of all the shuffling of boxes during this year's hectic move. Ladies and Gents, the grinch officially stole last year's Christmas tree. Quel Dommage!!

---Change Counting update--

Total recovery!!

At long last I got a chance to sort through the found change and re-counted the totals. A few days ago I noticed a discrepancy and after discussing it with the family members, the culprit surfaced and admitted guilt, claiming to have"borrowed from the wrong jar" (I still can't see how there was an error since the Changepot is quite distinctive in my home. It never leaves the designated spot!!) While the guilty party tried to put the 3.10 back, I told them to keep it. I have adjusted the totals and having them put their own money would defeat the changepot purpose. Here are the adjusted totals and current denominations floating in my changepot jar:

20's- 2
10's- 1
5's - 3
2's - 2
1's - 14

22 Bills

dollar- 1
half dollar- 1
Quarters- 77
Dimes- 154
Nickels- 81
Pennies- 268

582 coins

Total $125.88 (yay!!)

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