Monday, November 20, 2006

The PS3 fallacy

I got a bogus email offering a brand new PS3 for three hundred dollars this morning. I knew it was garbage since it had awkward ebay headers and a hotmail email address... what lengths they go to in order to scam the commoner.. geeessh!

Hubby found five pretty pennies today. I managed to clean my living room and rearrange the furniture accordingly. Yippee! I found a bottle of my favorite linen spray... double hooray.


The Changepot will be on hold for a few days as I may/may not have 'net access where i'm headed. I'll jot down the finds (if any) on a daily basis and report the finds accordingly (though I'm sure I'll find a few gained pounds instead of cash on this mini-vacay lol). Happy Gobble Gobble day y'all!!! Be sure to catch them Cowboys on the tube! Oh and Long live Tryptophan!

Total found today: $0.05
Total thus far: $123.45
<-- I have got to play this in tomorrow's Lotto. This is toooo cool to ignore, wouldn't you say??

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to Mr and Mrs. Krabs and their kiddos!

Andy from Simi Valley, CA