Monday, November 06, 2006

The Wasteland...

Picture 1 used to show a typical pre-race scene at Fort Wadsworth (photo taken down at previous website). This year the portable bathrooms lined up where the buses are. Picture 2 shows the incredible mess left behind yesterday. Soon after the athletes left, flocks of charities, spectators, and cleanup crew emerged to pick at the leftover clothing.

This was my daughter Kitty's first glance at the NYC marathon. She was quite impressed. We managed to get her a huge orange ING balloon which kept her occupied as we helped collect coats with the local girl scouts.

On the change front, we managed to find five pennies- none of which hailed from the start site of the marathon. We came home with : an American Express Blue card (which I called to immediately report its whereabouts), three cases of Poland Spring Water (given to us courtesy of our friendly park ranger Chuck), a bunch of free magazines given to the runners and spectators, and two super cool fold away chairs which were left behind. All in all a pretty cool day, I'd say.

Total found today: $0.05
Total so far: $ 103.90

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