Friday, December 08, 2006

MallRats: The new plague.

Today the Krabs set out for some wholesome family ping hunting at the local Mall. We found lots of pennies -twenty in fact (People don't like pennies!). Sandy found the majority of the change in the oddest of places... what a pro! We found one quarter, two dimes, and twenty pennies. While we hunted, we picked up two lovely Christmas dresses for my girls... I am so proud! On a lower note, I must say I am quite disappointed at the mouth on these teenagers today- as we walked to our car, three thug Columbine wannabe goth kids said some disgusting things in front of my children. I don't know how I restrained myself especially since one said something so vulgar.... I kept reminding myself that this lil' sonofanitch is someone's son. OK.. back to happier thoughts.

Changepot 06' Alert:
We received our first savings statement of the Changepot 06' account. Total added this month: $1.17. Thank you- kind strangers- for contributing to the changepot cause. It's the gift that keeps on giving :)

Total found: 0.65
Total Thus far: 129.42

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