Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shopping... DONE!

Here's a baby champion in the making. The inlaws are preparing their females for "the season" so we're hoping to stop by when new pups come in the summer... yippee!!!

But seriously, folks.. back to shopping.

Ok.. now we're really done. At least I am confident that we're done. Aw heck.. I dunno.
One thing I do know is that Sandy Cheeks saves the day by finding six cents at school. I found nothing and while hubby is still outside (night class), I cannot with clear conscience count the nickel and penny until he arriveth.

I just sat down to watch the '94 version of the Flintstones movie and I am quite disappointed. The actors tried their best... but it wasn't enough.. really. I did happen to finish Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS as I took in this horrendous film.

Total found: 0.06
Total Thus far: 128.77

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