Friday, February 23, 2007

The first paper find of 2007!

Congrats to Sandy Cheeks- she found a five dollar bill today! She also found a penny and a bridge token. The token is going into the foreign currency jar. This is Sandy's second paper currency of her life- the first was a ten and a one as we walked home from the grocery store. This was approximately two years ago. This five dollar find is our first paper entry for 2007- YAY! I also found a penny while on the way to pick Sandy up from school.

Also, I forgot to add six cents from the other day. I've been idle on this blog due to the snow situation. Now that the snow is partially melted, i'm sure we'll find more change in the coming days.

Total today: $5.08
Total thus far: $161.74

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Bailey said...

Congrats on the paper find! Always a good time!