Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday night

Long day indeed! Today Sandy went on a class trip to PA to visit that visionary Ben F's house. She came home excited and full of pennies. Sadly, she was ripped off at some food place= $11 for chicken fingers, small fries, and a small beverage. I'll have to go there and give them my opinion someday!

Hubby found a few dimes while running errands. He's headed on yet another tedious business trip but as usual, he will report his finds daily via email for accountability at a later date :) Little baby kitty even found two pennies at school- she kept them in her skirt pocket and happily handed them over as soon as she got home from school. I love our chats:

Mommy! I found Ping!!

Good girl! How much did you find?

Twenty five cents! (I inspected her hand- two ugly pennies and no silvery coins in sight)

Excellent babe. That's two cents but it's still money. Come on over to the coin jar and insert it.

Nothing makes her happier than to be part of the ping crowd!

Total today: $0.48
Total thus far: $1.94

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