Saturday, October 13, 2007


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via FoxyTunes Que dia mas larga! Whoops.. this morning we shuffled around Staten island-running errands in some realllly bad traffic. All was not lost. During our first trip out- we noticed our tire pressure warning light came on. Gas station #1 gave us 4 pennies as we checked the pressure with the air machine (good reading). After looking the wheels over a bit, we (hubby, myself, and the gas attendant) decided it would be best to go to another air machine. Gas station #2 gave us two pennies and this time the tires were low. Hub gave it some air. As we pulled out, the light came back on. We finally caved in and bought a pressure gauge. Turned out we OVERinflated the tires. All is well now.

I paid a visit over to the bank where the changepot cash is held. The teller was the exact same girl who was there when we first opened up the changepot account. She was shocked at how much we'd found in two years. Being a typical CSR, she was suggesting we tuck some of it away in a CD since we were getting a little under 4.2%. I politely thanked her but didn't entertain the idea too much. The changepot grew by 11 bucks in one year. Now with over 600 in there, perhaps it will grow a bit more. Quien sabe?

We racked up a dime at the grocery store. and two pennies in the parking lot- making it an eighteen cent day. Woohoo.. at least it's something, right?

Total today: $0.18
Total so far: $2.12

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Celia Cruz and The Fania All Stars Quimabra

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