Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back to the past...

Today we decided to pass by our old neighborhood to reminisce. We chose this area to take a nice brisk afternoon walk. The extra pairs of eyes proved quite useful as we happened to find several things:

Various (empty) nickel and dime bags. Pity-- there goes the neighborhood.

Various scratch off cards with no winnings or redemption value if not a winner (there is one that gives you back your initial bet-- people just don't like cashing that in for some reason.

Mangled clothes and an impressive collection of bottle caps, broken glass, and a half used roll of toilet paper (these items we did NOT touch lol)

Hubby struck gold by spotting this on the ground:

Eight 'forever' first class stamps! Unable to resist the urge, we sold these suckers for $3.00 as opposed to their face value ($3.28). Since these stamps were found, the three dollars is going to the days' totals ($0.91 before the sale). God bless capitalism!

Total today: $3.91
Total thus far: $128.31

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