Friday, April 25, 2008

summer is inching closer...

the best thing about warm weather is the sports opportunities! Today my good friend and I tried to play some handball... (my shoulder is still achy) My friend began the change hunt with a penny on the ground at the handball court. The more we walked, the more the pennies materialized. I found a quarter the same color as the ground. In total we uncovered a quarter, a dime, and 11 pennies. The weather is still nice out... perhaps we'll find more coins on another outing?

UPDATE: The family went on a dinner walk that yielded another $0.27 in the form of a dime, a nickel, and 12 pennies. We walked pretty far (according to mapquest, the distance to our destination is 2.53 miles!) and walked back home... 27 cents in five miles... life is good :)

Total found today: $0.73
Total thus far: $120.69

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