Thursday, April 24, 2008

Something told me it's all happening at the.... (Part TWO)


(First Zoo Trip )

NOPE! We tried to go today but by the time we got there the parking lots were all 10000% full. Dejected, the crew headed through several hot spots of the bronx (my old stomping ground) and found some coinage. During the process of relieving our kids from being bored, hubby found a crumpled up ten dollar bill (2006 series). The man has some amazing eyes for finding money!! A few weeks ago he found a ten spot as we were leaving a restaurant. Anyway, the girls found a dime and twelve pennies and I found.. nothing. Well, maybe I found some inspiration. I think it's high time I change up a little of my life-- I'll definitely keep the blog posted on the conclusion of this newfound brainstorm.

Total today: $10.22
Total thus far: $119.96

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