Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A whole new look...

Our amazing money jar was filled to the brim so we've moved the change over to our next size up jar... Here is a pic of it :)

My loving little girl found a penny in school. Perhaps we'll find more change in our after dinner walk.. who knows :)

UPDATE: A quarter, two dimes, and three pennies joined my daughter's penny for a grand total of $0.49! The quarter, two dimes, and three pennies were found at the parking lot over by hubby's job-- unauthorized personnel frequented the premises resulting in a sizable silver lot for the Krabs family. Wooohoo! I love the sound of progress!

P.S. Here is an interesting page (Coins Found) I found by googling-- the world is catching up (or rather, cashing in) on the phenomenon-- leave some change for the old pros, wontcha? Also, here is a link to a very cool message board subject entitled 'Do you pick up pennies?' where people swap tips on where to find change (it all started with this article by Donna Freedman over at msn)-- you know how much we love change articles here at the changepot!!

Total today: $0.49
Total thus far: $109.74

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