Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a day!

Even though the noble weatherman called for immense rain, today was sooo beautiful and sunny-- so nice in fact that people left us a nice trail of dollars and quarters for us! The changepot crew found a total of $9.51- a five dollar bill, three one dollar bills, five quarters, two nickels, one dime, and six pennies. We walked ALOT today (our feet can attest to this fact). The three dollars were found crumpled up with a receipt outside of Stop and Shop (where we picked up a pretty new plant for my office). Kitty found the five dollar bill right under the tire of our car by the mall (where we picked up some necessary items). Kudos to hubby for pinning the five spot with the tire-- it could have flown in someone else's path were it not for the tire!!
The change was found in various places.... but most of all.....

and congrats to the little girl who found a week old kitten. Hopefully they took the baby to the vet for some quick checkups. Looks like said kitty will need bottle feeding!

Total found today : $9.51
Total thus far : $310.01

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