Friday, May 16, 2008

The Way home... (Broke 300 today!)

Finally! Hubby is back from a week-long business conference! He returned with $2.32 that he'd found during his business travails. When he got home, we stepped out in the rain to purchase some wares. We found a collective $0.07 (nickel by Staples, two pennies in CVS)-- bringing today's total to $2.39 plus yesterday's penny makes it an even $2.40... woohoo!

Last time the Changepot saw over three hundred dollars in a calendar year was August 2, 2006
But I must say, the changepot would not be here if it weren't for Sandy's idea to sell the odds and ends (one earrings, broken jewelry) gold we've found in the street. Read all about the exchange in this post here --> Gold Rush

Total today: $2.40
total thus far: $300.50 (wow!)

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mamasaurus said...

Yay! Congrats!