Monday, June 30, 2008

$0.43 - and a story

Today we found a total of $0.43 in the form of a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and three pennies. My oldest daughter pulled through in finding the quarter as we walked along the boardwalk- she spotted it in the sand and ran down to get it. From a distance it looked like a bottle cap but sure enough it was a New Hampshire 2000 semi-oxidized quarter! Eagle eye strikes again! I found the nickel while walking to the gym this morning- this nickel looks pretty banged up as well. The dime was found while waiting for the light to turn green at our exit on the SI expressway. It looks as though it was run over a few times. Two of the three pennies were found in a parking lot by Petsmart. The last penny was found while waiting in line at Modell's where hubby passed wind and giggled like a school kid to which the lady behind me replied to her young son: "::sigh:: It's ok Johnn, that's what guys do." I burst into laughter upon hearing her comment!

Total today: $0.43
Total thus far: $358.94

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