Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cruel Summer

Despite the cruel pre-summer heat, Hubby found $0.36- a quarter, dime, and penny while at work. I stayed home the entire day with my AC on-- cleaning the house thoroughly and doing mounds of laundry. It's amazing how quickly laundry piles up geez....

On a lighter note, we received $0.27 for transferring the Changepot account over to ING-- bringing the two year total to $656.52. Since the CP money will be online, i'll be keeping better track of its growth by looking it over every first week of the month.

I still can't believe it.
I wrote a post on a social community site ( and asked the local public what they would do with the extra 1K. When I see this money, I don't want to spend it-- I want to make it grow. A thousand won't make people rich but it can help a little. Even in this gas crisis, a grand helps.

Here's the scenario for my usual gas activity:

Tank capacity: 18 gals.
Full tank @ $5.00= $90.00 weekly
12 weeks of summer: $1080.00

I'd actually use up all the changepot funds for gas alone (and that's figuring NO more increases once it hits five)

Somehow I don't see the gas prices easing up anytime soon. I happened to catch the local news and they're calling for $150.00 light sweet crude by July 4. I don't even want to think what that's going to look like.

Before I get myself too depressed to leave the house, I must ask you all this question. What would you do to make the changepot (found money) grow? If you were given 1K right now no questions asked, how would you make that money grow?

Total today: $0.63 ($0.36 found + $0.27 ING interest)
Total thus far: $348.17

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