Saturday, June 07, 2008

The $1,000.00 Post!

Today is a special day indeed here at the changepot! We broke $1,000.00 in found money!!! Sure we are maximizing the benefits by selling the found silver coins and broken jewelry in addition to the money but the fact that we were able to surpass the thousand dollar mark is incredible! Here is today's finds along with location :

$0.13 found at work (around the mess hall)
$0.10 found right by foot when we parked our vehicle at the mall
$0.10 found outside of KidsWorld
$6.00 (a five and a one dollar bill) crumpled up inside a receipt from Spencer's gift store outside mall
$0.12 found all over the mall (stores)
$0.35 found in food court (Wendy's, Cinnabon)
$0.25 in parking lot outside Stop N Shop
$0.05 given to us for using our own recyclable bags

Our Yanks won today thanks to Johnny Damon (we knew you could do it JoDa!) I'm pretty happy... so happy, in fact, I think i'll celebrate by calling forth a meeting of the thousandaires (my family) to discuss a reward for our noble efforts :) From now on, i'm posting the side totals to reflect the entire changepot balance (it looks so much prettier that way :) )

Update: I think my meeting will have to wait until tomorrow-- my daughters are both knocked out on the couch after all that walking (changehunting). I'm still soo happy!!

Total today: $7.10
Total thus far: $347.54

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1 comment:

Mike said...

whoa! A thousand already? That's more than a dollar a day on average! I gotta start looking on the floor more often.