Friday, June 20, 2008

Dollar Day!

Today we found a total of $1.84 in the form of a dollar bill, a quarter, three dimes, three nickels, and fourteen pennies- making it an awesome super Staten Island change cycle for today:) Wow.. The Last time we found a dollar was at the Ferry (see post Ferry Green) Congrats to my oldest daughter for finding a dollar in front of Toys R' Us while shopping for Kitty's birthday gift! We found three dimes and a nickel during our evening walk and a quarter and a nickel while buying items at PetSmart for our new pets (will post pics once I download them off the digicam). I've noticed that it's getting harder to find Quarters around here lately. We also headed out to the park for a while and found all fourteen pennies scattered around underneath one park bench. It looked like someone sorted out the pennies out of their bag and left them there. The Changepot is getting heavy now :) Pretty soon we'll have to change our coins for bills to make room for the lonely, unwanted pennies that need a home!

Total today: $1.84
Total thus far: $351.86

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