Wednesday, June 18, 2008

two pennies.. and a rant.

We found $0.02 today- both pennies lying right by the pump at our local gas station ($4.19 uggh). I thought we were going to have a no find day but our quick trip out proved otherwise. I got extremely upset at the convenience store attendant at the gas station because we happened to have two coupons worth a free 20 oz soda courtesy of the promotion and he said they couldn't accept it. We went to three other places and neither of them carried the brands in the promotion. Although I found three caps with the 'uwin' code (I didn't purchase the soda), I redeemed it via the website and we received the coupons for the free soda. The coupon quality isn't so great- it has a scanning bar code but I myself wouldn't accept this coupon to be honest. I guess i'll just keep it in my bag and hand it out to somebody who likes the product. Ironically on our way home, we found yet ANOTHER 'Uwin' bottle cap. I'll redeem it only because I'm a sucker for good news and freebies in the mail.

Total today: $0.02
Total thus far: $350.02

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Anonymous said...

Here in rural Missouri I have the same problem.
I have 10 coupons for free 20oz drinks, but being in a small, rural area most retailers are mom&pop gas stations who will not accept the coupons. They all did inform me that they would accept CAPS from another soda maker's current promotion.
I tried at three places yesterday to redeem a coupon and no one would take it. I wa pretty hot about that, so I found their customer service number (hard to locate, but does this surprise anyone?)
They advised me I should DRIVE TO A LARGER CITY to find a retailer to accept them! I asked for a gas card to do so, but was declined (figures.)
They also advised me to try my local Wal-Mart (which I already had.) Our Wal-Mart does not carry single 20oz of these sodas, and would not accept 6 coupons to purchase a 6 pac of 20oz sodas either.
Needless to say their 'customer service' was a big joke. Here is that number if anyone else wants to give them and ear full...
Also a note about the number...they do not provide a selection to press for assistance or complaints, so you need to just press 'O' anytime during the recorded junk.
Good luck to others with getting your 'free' pop!