Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fast Food Blues

Today we found a total of 27 cents- twenty two pennies and one nickel- in two precise locations : White Castle drive thru and Dunkin Donuts. The nickel was found early in the morning as hubby grabbed his morning Java on the way to work. The twenty two pennies were found scattered all around the White Castle parking lot and drive-thru during our late night dinner run. I am not at all happy with WC because my youngest didn't digest the food properly (projectile rejections all night long). I guess there is credibility in the words 'Murder Burger' and/or 'Belly Bombs'.

Today the family was interviewed for Marketplace- a program aired on NPR about our change-seeking habits. We had a great time and wanted to thank reporter Sally Herships for coming over and spending some time with us. Our daughters were very happy and can't wait to hear the segment on the air! I'll post the link when it is available online.

Total today: $0.27
Total thus far: $357.49

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Anonymous said...

the last time I had white castle was sometime in the 90's. Not exactly the best food to eat imho