Tuesday, June 24, 2008

$0.53 day

Today we found a total of $0.53 in the form of a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and thirteen pennies. Hubby came home with the quarter and seven cents from work. With the recent influx of new people, it seems as though he's finding alot of pennies in the parking lot right by a convenient little grass patch. Since the coins make little or no noise when they fall, people aren't noticing the decrease in pocket change :) My oldest found the dime, nickel, and four pennies while we walked around the mall today. The last two pennies were found while in Toys R Us as we redeemed a gift card my youngest received for her birthday. All in all, it was a profitable day at the changepot :)

For those of you who collect coke reward caps, tomorrow is double points day so be sure to save up your 12 pack codes to receive double points! We've got a nice little jar filled with caps from our daily walks. Right now we've got enough to redeem some nice goodies but since the prize will go to my youngest, i'll let her decide when we've reached a good amount of cap points. Their rewards program is valid until December 31 so we've got a few months to play around with thus far.

While on our walk today, we were reminiscing about the fact that our changepot is turning 3 this year- my daughters want to celebrate the changepot's birthday by creating a new logo both on this blog and on the change jar itself. Who am I to deny their excitement?

Per request, a shot of the Manhattan Ferry port taken by my youngest. She's got an eye for pictures I think :)

Total today: $0.53

Total for FY 08' : $358.02

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