Tuesday, July 22, 2008

$10.06 Double digit day!

Sometimes it pays to be firm with children! Today we headed out to the mall and I got my haircut finally. My daughters were itching for Applebees but I told them it would be better to buy cold cuts and italian bread at the supermarket. They complained but eventually acquiesced (there was no choice really lol). As we walked into the supermarket, I noticed my daughter was stepping on a folded piece of paper. When she moved I spotted a familiar number 10 on it and quickly scooped it up. The bill was cold to the touch as though it had been there for a little while. My guess is people kept stepping on it and not looking down. I was very happy since I hadn't found a bill that great since Halloween 2006 (twenty dollar bill find) and it was under similar conditions- no one looked down except me! The nickel and penny were found in the Staten Island mall.


A few days ago we went food shopping and bought a whole bunch of meat. Unfortunately we forgot to take out a fryer pack of Chicken Legs and well.. you can guess the rest. We're fighting the two day old stench and nothing seems to work.. ughhh...

Total today:$10.06
Total thus far: $378.80

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