Friday, January 09, 2009


Happy New Year to all! Hopefully everyone is in great health and spirits despite our economic woes! The Changepot project is still in effect and despite our lack of blog postings we are still reaping the benefits of being humble by picking up spare coins and the like. Since our last posting, we've found a total of $2.68 in the form of four quarters, nine dimes, five nickels, and fifty three pennies. Tomorrow we have a special guest coming over so i will blog all about it once we're done :)

Here are some very odd finds during FY 08 that I feel I must memorialize more for personal satisfaction rather than accountability :)

5> The Godiva Pretzel nickel: Hubby's famous words: " Are we supposed to eat this chocolate or wear it?"
4> The Christmas subway finds: God Bless the creators of Purell!!
3> The Mall sink penny: One of the cleanest pennies i've found thus far. Again, purell... merci beaucoup!
2> The Quarter that got away: While we didn't get to take this quarter, it was nice while it lasted. The quarter was right next to a chic sandal wearing hippie at a bay ridge Dunkin' Donuts. The fact that the man came out in sandals during a snowstorm was crazy enough.
1> The not now penny: Ever run into someone that you don't want to talk to and they distract you enough to make you forget what you were doing in the first place? Fortunately I ditched her and grabbed the penny by her foot and made my way outside the supermarket. Sometimes it's not that easy getting away lol.

Total so far: $2.68
Total thus far: $47.05


Anonymous said...

Sweet! My friends and I would have such a great laugh about the sandal hippie! LOL! I have got to be the cheapest 13 year old ever, and since my parents don't give me an allowance, I pick up pennies!:p

Anonymous said...

In 2008, I decided to find out how much money I could find within 1 year: it was $14.06. (But,I let a 1/2 dozen or so pennies go, because of pride.) The biggest score was a $5 bill in a movie theater. I also found some foreign coins, but I keep those in a separate jar.

This year I haven't found anything yet.

Lynda Jao said...

This is hilarious and absolutely perfect! I just started up a blog about saving money. You go girl! Check out - I'll be posting an entry about you tonight.