Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today I found three pennies while on a power walk on the South Beach boardwalk. On my way home I noticed a young woman had dropped two bills on the floor- a twenty and a ten. I called out to her and she scooped up her bills eagerly. She then explained how it wasn't even her money and she'd be in a heap of trouble if she'd lost it. I wonder how many people would actually pocket the money as opposed to doing the 'right thing'? What would you do?

Total today: $0.03 (+ .13 from mall trip)
Total thus far: $56.29

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H said...

I always tell someone if they've dropped money... One guy dropped hundreds right in front of me at the casino. I had to chase him down to give it to him, but I know bad karma will follow.

My boyfriend once picked up a five that a lady had dropped and kept it. Later that week he lost 20 and swore he would never do it again. :)