Wednesday, February 11, 2009



My family and I have started researching charities on the Internet and would like some help in picking out five (5) to support by posting links on this blog and donating a portion of the found money fund towards their cause. In our first interview on Fox and Friends, I had mentioned that we'd like to donate the money when it gets to $10K. That number seems quite unrealistic because if you calculate how long it took for us to get to 1K, 10K would take approximately 27 years (and that would amount to finding approximately a dollar a day!). If any of our readers would like to suggest a charity and provide some information, please feel free to comment on this post or email us at and we'll include it in our follow-up post to CHARITIES. Have a wonderful day!


greenreddew said...

Hello. I think what your family does together is great! Whenever I see change on the floor, it goes into my pocket and then it gets through the wash as I forget haha. So I now have a bank in my laundry room just for that change.

I wanted to suggest a small charity that I promote:

It is a charity to help put the word out about Chiari Malformation along with help with the mountain of medical bills which are stacking up each day.

E Mama said...

We do a penny drive at work for the Susan G Komen Race for the cure. That is always a good charity and with spring coming up lots of towns are having races.
Love your Blog!

Dewey Dell said...

OxFam is great and so are you! :)

JJ said...

I love supporting charities for children so a couple of my favorites are Victory Junction Gang Camp, Make A Wish, St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald Houses.
or for NY

Jeanie Frias said...

Pennies For Peace!

The book "Three Cups of Tea" describes the humble and inspiring beginnings of this organization.

Obsidian Kitten said...

It's amazing what you can find when you start looking...I joined the Turkey Fund (based in Glendale, Queens, NY) on February 2 and have found $1.35 already.

The Turkey Fund donates its money every year at Thanksgiving, primarily to feed the hungry. Here's the February 10th NY Daily News article about the Turkeys:

Keep up the good work!

roberta said...

Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your story on FOX news, so much so that I immediately searched for your blog! What fun for you together as a family, and not only does it not cost you anything, you actually get paid for it!

If you are still looking for a charity to donate your finds to, I wish you would consider our charity – Keep the Faith Foundation for Kids with Cancer. We are about to begin out 2nd Annual "Pennies from Heaven - A Million Pennies Challenge!" Your change would be a great contribution to our worthy cause, and gain much needed publicity for us.

Please take a moment to visit the following sites for more information:

Also, if possible, could you please add a link to our first two websites? I've added your blog link to our blog.:o)

Thanks for your consideration – and, continued good luck! As you stated, "Change is Good!" :o)