Friday, February 06, 2009


Found 8 cents so far in the form of a nickel and three pennies- all before noon! I have enclosed a picture of one of the finds in its natural habitat. Notice how well the penny hides in the wild? Also included is a pic of my babes on location at the CNN interview accompanied by Karen's BFF Alyssa (the inseparable buddies).

UPDATE: Went with the clan over to the mall and found a few coins here and there. Here is one pic taken 'on location' lol

Total today: $0.08 + $0.30 (evening mall trip)
Total thus far: $55.59


tarheel4life said...

I read about you on cnn - I love the idea of your blog! Good luck and "keep the change!"


Anonymous said...

I read about you also on CNN. My family has always picked up change and my son and I are always on the lookout. One day we left the drug store and someone had just dumped an entire ashtray full of change(around $5-6). No one even noticed! My son was so cute, he thought he won a prize.


Anonymous said...

My Mother, who lived thru the depresssion always taught me to pick up pennies or loose change found on the ground. I'm glad to know that there are others that do the same thing. "If you see a penny pick it up - all day long you'll have good luck" I saw your article on CNN.


Rhea said...

Wow, $1,100. Very cool. Right after I got my dog three years ago I was out so much that I began finding money. One day I found 3 twenty-dollar bills! Altogether I've found about $70.

Anonymous said...

The only concern I have with this hobby are the real poor who might be looking around and finding nothing after this family picks up the change. It might seem odd, but consider there are street poor who actually live off the change they find and if middle class or rich families are doing this as a hobby, they are gonna lose out on a bunch of change they might need to survive on. I'm just glad it will go back to charity but does that really help the immediate needy who look for that change so they can have a hamburger that day?

Anonymous said...

I doubt one family can pick up enough change off the streets of New York to keep every single needy person from finding anything...I've been to New York...there are a lot of people and a lot of change.

I like the concept of this, and I think its a good lesson to teach your children - the little change adds up quickly - I, personally, keep a change jar at home and empty it if I really need gas money - I made almost 150.00 last time I emptied it and I was able to fill my tank for a few weeks! That's just change that I personally get - that's not even "found money" - I'm thinking I might have to take up this hobby ;D

Anonymous said...

I pick up pennys and think of my father. I don't pick up change in areas where I know there might be lots of folks going by who need the change more than I.

Anonymous said...

HI. My name is Greg. I am 56 years old and I've been doing what your blog sez you're doing since I was a kid. And truth be told, I've got my 11 yo son into it too. It all started for me when my dad told me to always walk with my head down; You'll find more money that way.
I've not kept a running total, but after almost 50 years, I'm sure it's 5 digits. I use what I found as emergency money (short before pay day, etc).

I do walk to help keep my weight down. It's gotten a new twist these days. While I walk, I've always looked for coins, but now I've started taking a plastic bag along to pick up aluminum cans. When I get 20 pounds of foot-stomped cans (the weight of the cans in a 30-gallon trash bag), I cash them in. My son comes along with me too. When I get them cashed in, he gets half. I tell him to put his half into his piggy banks with the $$ he found too.

More than my usual two cents.
Greg (nr Baltimore)

Norman said...

What a fantastic idea! I think I'll start this up at my house too! LOL... we'll use an incentive of finding money to fund a disney trip!

Seriously though, i've always found money. The most I ever found was a $20 bill blowing down the street. (and no...there wasn't anyone chasing it either...)

Anonymous said...

I do this too! My philosophy is if the universe sends me a small gift and I don't accept it with gratitude how can I expect a large gift to be offered?