Saturday, February 07, 2009


Today we found a total of 8 cents- a nickel and three pennies. I didn't get a chance to take pics of them but I'll try my best tomorrow :)

Total today: $0.08
Total this far: $55.67


Anonymous said...

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a very rich man. He told me not to be ashamed or feel too important to pick up a penny because it might be the penny that sustains you down the road. 30 years later I practice this every chance I get.

Great story on CNN. Thank you.

Melissa said...

Hi, I just saw the CNN story. You all are cool, and the fact that you're going to give it back to the community is great.

I was just wondering, why are you going to wait until the changepot reaches $10,000? If you have a good amount of money now, it can start helping people now. Why not smaller amounts like $500 donations?

Anonymous said...

Saw your story on CNN. " Despite their fanatical devotion to collecting found money, the Humpherys don't plan on keeping the bounty for themselves. Once they reach $10,000, the family says, they'll donate it to a charity, explaining that there's a karmic element to their collecting:"

What a fantastic thing you are teaching your children. You are teaching them economics, humility, sharing, love, . . . . I could go on and on. Keep it up! I look forward to hearing when you reach $10K.

In a word - FANTASTIC.

Carl Armbruster - St. Louis

Gayle-Marie said...

I'm always fascinating about the amount of change people actually throw out or drop. I've been saving change for years now. Especially pennies. I have a giant plastic Coke bottle that I've been just putting pennies in since I was in high school. 10 years later, I can't even lift the thing. I always pick change up, even if it's a penny. I probably have found about $2,000 worth of change just by picking up stuff in parking lots while walking to my car.
I love the story on CNN. Keep up the awesome work.

Adam said...

Congratulations on your findings. A penny found is a penny earned. You're teaching your kids a great lesson here, truly good work.

Anonymous said...

While remodeling my grandma's bathroom yesterday I found $7.36 in change that had been dropped in the hole the doorknob made in the wall! haha!

Chris O. said...

Congratulations for being featured on! I used to throw my pennies away until my husband woke me up to the money I was wasting! Your family should be the example for everyone!

Jeanie Frias said...

I started picking up pennies in high school (way back in the 70s). The fad of the day was for Seniors to throw pennies at the Freshman. No self respecting Freshman would scramble for pennies thrown at them. As a Junior, and already a bit of an outcast, I felt quite comfortable scooping up pennies on my way to class. I easily collected a dollar a day. Now we save our finds for the "Pennies for Peace" foundation. Thinking back to my collecting beginnings, I realize I ought to wander over to my alma mater and see if the fad is still going strong. I'd love to find 100 pennies a day again.
(hubby sent me your link from a CNN article online)

Tim said...

"I used to throw my pennies away"

who does that?

Anonymous said...

i did this for two years at community college and came up with something like 150 bucks...stopped for a while but decided to start back up

just found a quarter in the coin return on the soda machine downstairs