Thursday, March 05, 2009

No Finds.

No finds for today but here are a few notes and change pot pictures from our readers. Please feel free to share your change finding stories and I'll gladly post them on here perodically :)


  • Saw your blog and congrats to you all! My daughter is 21 now, but for years
    she has saved change in her closet. Cashes it in (at the bank, so there is
    no fee) on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year. That is her
    Christmas shopping money. She starts filling her bucket again on
    Thanksgiving for the following year. All her shopping done, with
    cash, and no after-Christmas bills! She usually gets $350-400 a
    year. ann Mansfield TX


  • Hi Barb, I was picking up pennies by the vending machines today and realized I was building up quite a collection. Some people drop quarters, nickles and dimes also.
    Rusty Gray


  • Hi there - I was inspired to find your story and the subsequent blogs of others finding money. I have been looking for and finding money since august 2007 and to date have around $189 and growing. My point was to prove that a penny turns into a nickel into a dime into a quarter in a dollar and into dollars ++++++ .. I live on the west or right now wet coast of Canada and will try and work on a blog to join the group. Hope to hear from you, Cheers Suzanne


  • Hello money finders, My name is Bobby Eason. I just found your website. Congratulations on your interesting family hobby. This January, I started a blog site called MoneyWalker. My blog address is as follows: I would appreciate you listing my blog on your homepage of listed blogs. My goal is to use the external motivation of finding lost money as a reason to persevere in the healthy habit of walking for fitness. About half of my entries deal with physical fitness and the other half with tips for finding money while walking. My blog is an infant and I am seeking ways to improve it. Again, I really enjoy the way you are teaching great American values to your family.
  • Bobby Eason


  • Loved your site. I've been picking up money off the ground my entire life. About 25 years ago I started my own Christmas newsletter as a sarcastic swipe at Christmas newsletters and talked about important things like my dentist visits and the money I found. I call it "free range coinage" and started a Free Range Coinage Club and every time one of my family or friends tells me that I inspired them to pick up money I let them know they too are now in the club. Glad to see I am not alone in the world!

Glenn Thornhill

Sylmar, California


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