Wednesday, March 04, 2009

$0.03 (Yakima,WA pennies)

I received a letter today addressed to my daughters from my grandmother-in-law. . She is so adorable!! She'd sent us a note congratulating us on our changepot successes and sent us her own story (along with her find). It read as follows:

Hi girls-
Hope you are doing well and are happy. Tony took me to get new glasses the other day and I found these! Thought you might like to add them to your stash-

Grandma R.

The letter had three pennies taped on it! I'll add them lovingly to today's post as we've found nothing yet but we haven't given up hope. Once the snow melts I'm sure we'll find lots of corroded pennies and nickels to pick up!

Total today: $0.03
Total thus far: $72.46

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E Mama said...

Awwahh..So Sweet!