Friday, May 29, 2009


In the past two days, we've found a total of 28 cents- one dime, two nickels, and eight pennies- not enough for a postal stamp but good enough to report happily :). We also found a Bermuda dime but it won't count toward the changepot funds- it's going right into the foreign coin jar!

After Wednesday's reflection on how much we've found so far, I'm guessing we're going to have a low end fiscal year. Some of my friends blame the decrease in money littering on Obama's hand in the economy but I think people are just getting a tad bit smarter with their funds. I can't say I blame them- heck I'm willing to wager that we'll still find at least a penny a day even under the harshest conditions.

Total today: $0.28
Total thus far: $102.11

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Man said...

Despite political opinions which are worth less then any bent penny you find I also am finding less coins on the street.
Most likely it's due to the lowered mint productions of coins. With less new coins circulating it forces people to use older coins more often and pay attention when dropped.