Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In the past few days we found a total of $1.49 in the form of a dollar bill, a quarter, two dimes, two nickels, and four pennies. We found the dime, the nickels, and three pennies while watching the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. The dollar bill and quarter were found on Tuesday (my dad's birthday) as we bought the last minute items for his petit fete :). Nothing was found on Wednesday and today I found a dime in the parking elevator while purchasing items for our very special fruit salad :). I forgot just how wonderful fruit salad can be on off days!

Around this time last year we found alot more than this year's totals a total of 318.45.. still we managed to pass the hundred dollar mark so far despite the dry spells. Check out the post from last year : Wacky Wednesday

Total found: $1.59
Total thus far: $101.83

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