Monday, November 15, 2010


Over the past week we've found a total of $1.46 in the form of a dollar bill, one quarter, one dime, and 11 pennies. We also found a canadian penny but that doesn't count towards the change totals.

My daughter found the dollar bill at a playground in Queens while visiting her dad. I myself have found a few pennies here and there but haven't had much time to update the total. Hubby found the quarter while walking home from work earlier last week. One of my fellow change hunters in another blog reported that coin finding is hard because of the economy- nothing could be further from the truth! I've seen people picking up more change now than ever- not that they weren't before. Our new neighborhood has regular bottle collectors as well- seems like they've got all venues covered!

Total this past week: $1.46
Total thus far: $8.49

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Anonymous said...

funny, since the canadian dollar will soon be worth more.. as of right now, they're almost at par.

you might want to count it!!