Thursday, July 07, 2011


Today I found a lone nickel on my way to my car after work today. My co-worker Giselle chuckled as I took a picture of what we like to refer to as 'ping in the wild'. Another co-worker of mine found a ripped up twenty dollar bill over the weekend. Apparently someone was quite upset with the economy or perhaps our currency in particular. Fortunately for Trevor, all four parts were nearby. Trevor plans to patch up the bill and use it accordingly.

The Humphery household is abuzz! We were contacted by a producer for a well known TV show to do a segment on the changepot in the coming week! While I have not been faithful in blogging my daily finds, we have still found coins and bills- but as you all know, life tends to get in the way. So much has changed in our lives but one thing is certain- our goals are still intact and once we reach a total of $1500 in found money, we will donate it to worthy causes. My daughter Brianna is still in the process of counting FY11's finds- and once she finishes the total tally, i'll update the total found thus far and the changepot will be fully operational again. Til then, be well my friends !

UPDATE: The totals are in! Here's the breakdown of finds in our FY11 Changepot:

$20 bill - 1
$10 bill - 1
$5 bill - 1
$1 bill - 4
Dollar coin: 1
Quarters: 17
Dimes: 49
Nickels: 18
Pennies: 152

Total today: $0.05
Total found thus far: $52.62

(NYC Subway token (found during a 5 mile run in Central Park) and broken jewelry were added to the foreign coin/object jar to be sold at a later date!)

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